Reference Books 


Reference Book Author
Death Notices from Freewill Baptist Publications 1811-1851 David C. Young & the late Robert Taylor
Genealogical Dictionary of Maine and New Hampshire Noyes, Libby and Davis 
History of Greene, Maine Edited by David C. Young
History of Leeds, Maine Stinchfield's History of Leeds, Maine, edited by David C. Young
History of Lewiston, Maine Janus G. Elder, edited by David C. Young
Livermore, ME Cemetery Records & indexes to the earliest VR for the town.  Livermore Public Library 
Record of the Families in New England by the Name of Hodges Rufus Hodges, 1837
Record of the Hodges Family of New England
Almon D. Hodges, Jr., 1896
Maine Families in 1790, Vol #1, 3 and 5 * Maine Genealogical Society 
Maine Families in 1790, Vol #2, and 4 Maine Genealogical Society 
Marriage and Divorce Records from Freewill Publications 1819-1851 David C. & Elizabeth Keene Young
Marriage Notices from the Maine Farmer 1833-1852  Elizabeth Keene Young & Benjamin Lewis Keene
Massachusetts and Maine Families in the Ancestry of Walter Goodwin Davis
Vital Records from Maine Newspapers 1785-1820 by David C & Elizabeth Keene Young David C. & Elizabeth Keene Young
Verrill Genealogy  Harold F. Round - 1968 
The Boynton Family  John Farnham 
& Caroline Boynton 
Garland Family  James Grat Garland 
The Chipmans in Maine 1892 
Over 170 Chipmans noting John Howland's daughter Hope married John Chipman producing a long line of Mayflower Descendants who mostly resided in Auburn, Poland, Tauton, ME 1751 to1950's.
Marriages of SS.Peter & Paul, Lewiston, Maine 1869-1979
Marriages of Holy Cross, Lewiston Maine 1923-1977
Marriages of Auburn,Maine 1902-1977
History of Durham,Maine, 1899 Everett S. Stackpole
Town of Farmington Early Vital Records,1994 Nancy J. Porter
A History of Farmington Maine,1885 Francis Gould Butler
The Early Years of Farmington 1781-1850
Abstracts of Death Notices (1833-1852), Miscellaneous News Articles (1833-1924) from the Maine Farmer David C. Young
Vital Records from Maine Newspapers 1785-1820
History of Leeds, Maine
History of Lewiston, Maine David C. Young
A History of Turner, Maine Rev. W.R. French, D.D
Turner After 1886 James H. Willard
Descendants of Governor William Bradford Complied by Ruth Gardiner Hall, 1951
Vital Records of Lisbon, Maine Prior to 1892 Maine Genealogical Society, Marlene Groves


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